Air Show Atlantic Refund Policy

(Effective April 1, 2024)

How does weather affect the Show?

As most of you know, weather in the Maritimes can be highly unpredictable. When it comes to purchasing tickets, please don’t rely on the weather forecast to help you make up your mind. In our experience, the forecast is not always reliable for both good and bad weather, despite the best efforts of meteorologists. Weather forecasting is a very challenging job – but how many times have you seen a forecast that was completely wrong? For example, just because there is rain in the forecast, does not mean it is going to rain; and even if it does rain, does not necessarily mean there will be no flying.

Even inclement weather, unless severe, will NOT cancel the Show. You should know that virtually
all performers have “high”, “low” and “flat” routines that can safely accommodate different types of weather.

This means that some rain during the Air Show day will not shut down the Show. The Air Show is a rain-or-shine event – there are several displays on the ground for you to enjoy, both in terms of visiting aircraft, as well as businesses and organizations from around the region.

Be sure to listen to the local radio stations and watch the Air Show’s official social media platforms on the weekend if you are not sure about the weather. We generally try to get the word out using these methods if anything in the current conditions looks questionable.


Rule of Thumb

As a matter of rule, there are NO REFUNDS.

However, our ticket sales platform does have a SELF-SERVICE OPTION that allows you to TRANSFER your TICKET(S) to someone else if you are not able to attend. There is no cost to use this service and the system does it automatically by cancelling your ticket and issuing a new equivalent ticket to the new person.

To do so, go to your order confirmation e-mail and find the button near the bottom of your e-mail message labelled TRANSFER TICKETS.

Or you can simply log into your ticket account ( using the username and password you provided, go to your ticket order and find the button labelled TRANSFER TICKETS. In both cases, simply click on that link and carefully follow the instructions to initiate the transfer.


What circumstances would possibly get a refund?

The ONLY exception to our NO REFUND POLICY is if the Air Show Organizers do NOT open the Gates on a given day and OFFICIALLY CANCEL the Show for that day. The main reason for this would be for safety reasons for the public and/or the Show volunteers & participants. This would only happen in the event of severe and/or dangerous weather or some other unforeseen event that would directly impact the Show’s ability to safely continue. Such a cancellation would be officially announced by Air Show Atlantic organizers directly using our web and social media platforms.
Organizers may also reach out via other means, when possible, such as e-mail or text to notify affected Show fans.


If we do make the decision to NOT open the Gates on a given day, refunds will work as follows:

  • General Admission Tickets, where they are not day-specific, will NOT be eligible for refunds in any circumstance unless BOTH days of the Air Show are officially cancelled. In the case of the Show being cancelled on BOTH DAYS, General Admission Tickets will be included among those types that will be automatically refunded.
  • Multi-Day Tickets which include the “Shutterbug” Photographer Pass may be eligible for a partial or full refund, depending on the specific circumstances of that Show’s official cancellation(s). Affected ticketholders will be contacted by Show Organizers with the process that will be followed.
  • Complimentary Tickets (i.e. those tickets of ANY type that you did not pay for, or you were given for free through an invite, contesting, etc.) will NOT be eligible for a refund of any type.
  • Day-Specific Tickets which include “Runway” Premium Seating, “Hangar Club” VIP Passes, “Skybox” VIP Experience Passes and “Gateside” Paid Parking Passes will be automatically refunded ONLY for the day that was officially cancelled.
    These tickets will NOT be honored on the day that was NOT cancelled (i.e. on Sunday if Saturday was cancelled, etc.) and we will NOT process exchanges to the opposite day that was not cancelled and will NOT convert/honor the ticket to any other type of ticket.

    If you would like to attend the Air Show on the day that was not cancelled, the ONLY way that would be possible is if there are tickets remaining for sale of a given type on our ticketing platform, which you would need to purchase in a separate, new transaction.


It is very important to note that ANY refunds will NOT be issued immediately.

We have a very small core staff who manage our box office and ALSO manage the Show on-site during the week of the Air Show. It may take up to 2 weeks after the completion of the Show weekend before any automatic refunds will be processed – please do not contact our box office before this time is up as we will still be actively closing down the Show site and wrapping up the details of the Show.

Refunds will ONLY be refunded back using the original method of payment to the original purchaser (i.e. most commonly as a credit back onto the original credit card used for the purchase).

Please note that while most refunds will typically show up back on a card within 48 to 72 hours of the credit being processed, some banks are slower on the receiving end and CAN take up to 1 week for the credit to show up back on a card.


Limitation of Liability

While we regret any inconvenience caused by these circumstances, the Nova Scotia International Air Show Association cannot be held responsible for any cost or damage the postponement or cancellation of this event may incur. Ticket holders assume all risk and danger incidental to the event for which their ticket is issued whether occurring prior to, during or after the same. The Nova Scotia International Air Show Association cannot be held responsible or liable for injuries, loss or damages incurred by patrons while travelling to/from or attending these events.


Acceptance of Terms of Use

By purchasing tickets from the Nova Scotia International Air Show Association (producers of Air Show Atlantic), patrons are automatically accepting the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.



Any inquiries regarding tickets in general or about the Terms of Use and Refund Policy can be directed to