Weather at Air Show Atlantic

We wanted to make this page to better inform all of our Air Show Atlantic fans on how weather impacts the air show and the aircraft which perform!

The first thing to know is that Air Show Atlantic is a rain or shine event. Rain alone does not impact our ability to produce the air show. Our Air Display lasts roughly 3 hours, when there is a chance of rain we may adjust our start time to better avoid forecasted rain. This is a decision our Air Boss and Executive Director will make in conjunction with the pilots with safety front of mind.

What does, is ceiling and visibility. We require 1000 feet of ceiling and 3 miles of visibility to produce the air show. With those as minimums, this would be what is called a “Flat” Show. Performers such as the Snowbirds have a variety of different performances they can execute based on these conditions. The Skyhawks would not be able to jump due to limited visibility but the other performers would all be able to perform at the show. 

So in short, in the event of rain, the show would be somewhat modified and still go on. 

Tickets are non-refundable, if weather is forcasted to be bad enough that the show would have to be cancelled on either day, we will contact ticket holders (on Friday) and advise them to come on the other day. 

For some perspective. The last time 1 day of the Air Show was cancelled was in Summerside, PEI in 2011