We know that our fans have lots of questions about attending the Air Show. We have tried to summarize our most common questions into this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to make it as easy as possible for you to get the answers you are looking for. Simply click on the question you would like to see the answer for and it will appear.


What are you doing to ensure safety from COVID-19?

Safety of everyone involved with the Air Show ranging from our fans to our volunteers, participants and suppliers is FIRST and FOREMOST in our minds. We have spent the past year developing a comprehensive plan in order to be able to stage our event as a safe and enjoyable event for all. This plan is subject to change to meet the latest standards, as we are continually working wth input from the Nova  Scotia Department of Health & Wellness, Events Nova Scotia and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The nature of our event as a Drive-In style one is the first step in mitigating risk, but certainly not the last one. In instances where there are interactions between people, which we have kept minimal, all required protocols such as social distancing, wearing masks, use of suitable hand sanitizer and disinfectants will also be in place to meet or exceed the guidelines in place at the time of the show.

Find out more details on our plan by clicking here.

Is the Air Show safe?

We occasionally get concerns expressed by people who worry that the Air Show is an unsafe activity for the fans or even the residents who live in the area. Most of these concerns are generated by television shows that show crashes at air shows, typically in Europe, that occurred decades ago. The safety rules in North America are the most stringent in the world and are designed within the rules set out by the FAA, Transport Canada and the respective Air Forces in cooperation with the Air Show industry body, the International Council of Air Shows.

Here is a link to recent ICAS safety initiatives and publications: http://www.airshows.aero/Docs/110

Our Air Show's air display is designed around an aerobatic safety box in which all aerobatic manoeuvres are performed. This box is over 6000 feet long and 3000 feet wide - lots of room to fly and regain level flight before exiting the box where the aircraft may fly over populated areas at a safe altitude. The safe altitude mitigates noise as well. Although some aircraft are quite loud, they will not do damage to people or animals at safe altitude. The aerobatic safety box is entirely on the property on which the Show flies and Air Show staff ensure the area remains empty of people while the aircraft fly.

The bottom line is that the Air Show is very safe and is designed with safety in mind. No spectator has been injured by an airshow-related incident in North America for the past 50+ years.

What performers will be flying in the Air Display?

The latest list and status of confirmed and invited acts can be found by clicking here.

Which types of static aircraft will be on Static Display?

In order to mitigate the COVID-19 risk associated with crowds congregating on the Air Show grounds, there will not be any public static aircraft at this year's show.

What other ground performers and attractions will be on-site?

In order to mitigate the COVID-19 risk associated with crowds congregating on the Air Show grounds, there will not be any public ground performers or attractions at this year's show.

What is the schedule for the week of the Air Show?

Click here to view the proposed schedule for the week of the Air Show.

What are the details about buying tickets?

Tickets will continue to give great value for a full day of family entertainment. Details on all ticket options can be found by clicking here.

What is the plan for parking at this year's Show?

In the Picnic-Style Drive-In model, fans drive directly to the viewing area through a main grounds entrance and are then parked into the section that they purchased a ticket for by following signage and then the direction of on-site parking staff; mostly on a first-come, first-served basis. This will drive fans to the site well in advance of the flying time which is anticipated currently to be around 1:00 PM. Special reserved areas for VIP customers and guests as well as the front row of each section will likely be sold as reserved spots. These fans will either be allowed to enter by an exclusive gate and/or earlier than the general viewing public.
Directions regarding parking upon arrival and then later, the leaving process will be broadcast continually throughout the day on the Air Show's FM frequency.
All vehicles will be parked facing "away" from the air show performance line and runway. Through the experience gained by other drive-in air shows held in the fall of 2020, we have learned that this “tailgate” format is a preferred orientation for vehicles for viewing. The back of a pickup truck can be used as a viewing stand or the raised gate on a minivan or SUV can provide shade as well as effective speakers to listen to the radio show’s announcer.
At the conclusion of the show, vehicles will depart by row rather than a ‘free for all’ departure, under direction from our experienced parking and security team.

Can I bring my pet when I come to see the Air Show?

Because of safety reasons for both the pet and people on-site at the Show, NO PETS will be permitted on the Air Show grounds with the exception of Certified Service Animals.

How do I find out about any promotions or special events related to the Show?

The best way to keep aware of any promotions or special events we will be putting on is to Become an Air Show Insider. Click here to learn more. We also maintain active social media pages (ie. Facebook and Twitter), so be sure to monitor those for announcements as well!

Will there be traffic problems?

We do anticipate minor delays at peak entry and exit times, so be sure to give yourself enough time to arrive at the site. However, our traffic plan is designed to make your arrival and departure as safe and expedient as possible. It is crucially important to follow the directions of posted signage and those personnel guiding traffic to ensure a smooth arrival and departure.

How do you accommodate people with Accessibility issues?

This year, where public viewing will be restricted to individual parking spaces at the show site, there will a limited number of specific Accessible Parking spaces. These will be located on a hard surface with Accessible washroom facilities nearby. Access to this section will ONLY be possible by purchasing your ticket online before the Show dates.

If you have questions in the meantime, please e-mail the Air Show Office at inquiries@airshowatlantic.ca with your inquiry.

Can I bring my own chair to sit on?

Yes, we do allow you and actually encourage you to bring your own chair(s) this year. The new drive-in format for the Show this year is similar to a "picnic" type experience for attendees.

They can all be set out and used outside the vehicle inside your designated parking space. You will be required to pack them up and take them all back home with you at the end of the day.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Food or non-alcoholic drinks are allowed and actually encouraged to be brought to the Air Show, but must only be set out and consumed in your designated vehicle parking space.

No cooking equipment or open flame will be permitted anywhere on the site, so please ensure all food that is brought on site will not need to be cooked or heated up.

There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed in any areas of the Show grounds. Any alcohol brought onto the site will be confiscated upon discovery and can also be considered grounds for immediate removal of that vehicle and its occupants from the Show without a refund.

Can I bring bags, backpacks or coolers onto the Show grounds?

We do allow bags, purses, backpacks, etc. However, they will be subject to search by security personnel at their discretion once you have arrived on the air show grounds.

As a change from past years due to the Drive-In format, we encourage everyone to bring a cooler with their own food and non-alcholic beverages (alcohol is not permitted anywhere on-site).

Will the food line-ups be reasonable?

Where there will be no crowds or large gatherings of people at this year's show, there will not be line-ups for food & drink concessions.

The option of a COVID-safe format for food service is being considered and the final details will be posted here at a later time.

Any format that may be approved will include full safety protocols including wearing masks, social distancing, use of hand sanitizer and disinfectants and contactless payment options.

Can I fly-in my private aircraft to attend the Show?

Yes, we are currently working on developing this year's Fly-In Program and will post the details as soon as they are ready. Click here to find out more.

Where will the crowd sit?

The new site setup for this year differs from festival-style shows in that where you park is where you will view from. Traditionally we have parked our fans on closed runways or open fields well behind the spectator area. Fans would then make their way to entry gates which would cause a chokepoint of close contact gathering which we cannot allow in the current COVID-19 environment.

When you purchase your ticket online before the Show, you will be able to choose which "section" you are parking in. This will then determine where on the show grounds that you will approximately be located. Following the direction of on-site parking staff; attemdees will be parked mostly on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can we come to the Show site during the week to watch the practices?

No. The area around the Show site will be an extremely busy place on Thursday and Friday before the Show. Do not come to the airport expecting to watch from the parking areas or fence lines on the property.

It is mostly a safety issue as all crowd control provisions may not be in place and we cannot allow crowds to gather. And please don't think "it's just me and my kid" - because if everybody has that same thought, we'll soon have a crowd.

The same logic applies to watching "for free" from around the Show site. If you are on your own property or invited by a land owner we totally support the right to be there. But crowding sides of roads and trespassing is unsafe and unfair to everyone.

Please support the return of future Shows and buy a ticket.

Can the Show be seen from off of the Air Show grounds?

No. The direction the aerobatic box is oriented for crowd viewing from within the Air Show grounds meaning that any surrounding areas where someone might be able to watch will be at an "off" angle or so far away from the flying area not to be easily seen. As well, those watching from outside the grounds will miss all of the other attractions on the Show grounds. Please note that there may be areas where we need local police to enforce no parking along the side of the road in a number of areas, so as to ensure the safety of traffic travelling to and from the Air Show.

Just as importantly, the areas around the airport where one might want to view from may not be your property. It's important that we be good neighbours and not encroach on or damage anyone's property. The Air Show Team will be ensuring, with the support of local police, that property is protected.

For people whose homes are close to the Show, we of course hope they enjoy the event as well as tolerate the extra noise that the weekend will bring. And while family parties on such properties are quite normal, we encourage everyone who wants to enjoy the Show to purchase tickets in support of this not-for-profit Community event. The budget is approximately $400,000 and one key to success is - financially - being able to return for future Shows knowing we have the support of the fans. Please come to the Show and enjoy watching it up close as it is designed to be watched.

What about our military members and veterans - do you do anything special for them?

Our military and veterans are a primary focus of what we do. We typically have some form or military/veteran recognition as part of the show design. We are still in the planning stages for how this will occur for this year's show. In the meantime, if you have any inquiries related to attendance at the Show as a Veteran, please contact our Veterans Coordinator by e-mail at veterans@airshowatlantic.ca.