Static Aircraft

Each year, as all air shows do - we put out many invitations to attend our Show to several military units both inside and outside of Canada, as well as to many government and private sector organizations who operate aircraft. This page will have a list of aircraft that are invited to appear in the Air Show Atlantic 2022 Static Display.

For each aircraft type listed below, you will see a picture of the aircraft and links about the aircraft and organization (if applicable). Also, you will see the invitation status for each aircraft as of the date the page was last revised.

As happens every year, the lineup is subject to change due to operational commitments and last minute additions and deletions. Preceding the show, the list of aircraft and their status is regularly updated right up until the day of the show. Thank you for your patience as this page will take much longer to load due to the number of images.

PLEASE NOTE: We will post a list of invited static aircraft on this page shortly.  Be sure to check back!