Flying Display Schedule

Revised August 29, 2019

Finally the planned schedule for the air display! As you can all imagine, working on a flying schedule for any air show can certainly be challenging and is constantly changing based on a large number of factors.

The starting time can certainly vary and the order is definitely subject to change especially if something like winds shift or speed up, cloud cover and ceilings change or if any kind of weather system moves in (lots of other things besides rain can affect a schedule). We aim to put as many acts as possible into the air as long as they can fly safely. Keep in mind that performer and fan safety will always be top priority for us.

We should stress that the list below, which is the schedule planned for BOTH days is
100% SUBJECT TO CHANGES due to weather and aircraft serviceability.

The anticipated list of acts in no particular order for each day (this is highly subject to change right until Show day) is as listed below aiming for a "before 12 noon" start time, along with an intermission (approximately an hour) around half way through the flying display:

".. and a finish time during the last hour grounds are open to the public (between 4 and 5 pm)."