Air Show Atlantic 2020 Has Been Cancelled

Air Show Atlantic 2020 scheduled to take place in Debert, Nova Scotia has been cancelled. Due to the risk factors of COVID-19 and the unknown provincial government health regulations on large gatherings, the Nova Scotia International Air Show Association has decided, in the interest of safety, to cancel this year's air show.

The safety of our fans, performers, volunteers, and all those who attend Air Show Atlantic will always be our top priority. While some easing of restrictions have recently occurred, as an association we cannot anticipate having a high level of confidence in the ability to screen those coming to the event.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also greatly affected our ability to plan and properly prepare to host an Air Show in just 2 months. We attempted to wait, learn, observe in hopes that we could still present the show, but a safe path forward just does not exist for 2020. We are as disappointed as many of you will be.

This said, we are turning the page to planning for our 2021 show and are happy to share that it is our intention to host the Air Show at the Debert Airport in 2021. The Air Display line up will be re-designed from what was planned in 2020 out of necessity due to factors that include the ability to book non-Canadian performers safely and financial considerations. As a not-for-profit society losing not only our Air Show this year, but the aerospace and defence tradeshow the association hosts, DEFSEC Atlantic, will prove challenging. But we are up to that challenge and remain committed to bringing a world-class Air Show to our great fans in Atlantic Canada.

Fans will have the opportunity to support Air Show Atlantic in its bid to maintain operations and work toward a successful event in 2021. More details to come on that in the coming months. We encourage all our fans and the public to follow the recommendations of your respective Provincial Governments and Health Authorities.

What is next?

Time for the good news. Our organization will be using this time to evolve and grow many aspects of our Association.

Without letting all our surprises out of the bag, we can share that Air Show Atlantic will be getting a digital brand makeover very soon. This won't just impact our brand appearance, but also how and what we are communicating to you, the frequency of our content and its quality.

Our goal is to provide you our fans more value than ever before! All the ways in which we will be doing that will be rolled out regularly in the coming months.

So while the cancellation is disappointing for all of us, internally we are very excited about the future of Air Shows in Atlantic Canada and soon we will be giving you all reason to be as well!


If you have any inquiries, please direct them to

Stay safe & healthy and enjoy your summer!

Colin Stephenson
Executive Director
Air Show Atlantic