Air Show Atlantic is staying in Nova Scotia for another year. The challenges of moving the truckloads of equipment, our volunteers - who are mainly in Nova Scotia and re-energizing sponsors and community support, is too much to take on after just surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a great start on this year's production by keeping the site plan and activating the many good relationships we started in 2022 at Debert.

Every show site has its advantages and shortcomings. They can be close to big markets, too far from big markets, not have enough ramp and/or runway space, or be too expensive due to the interruption of commercial activity. There can be challenges with parking or there being so much space nearby that we can't control "free viewing". The list is endless, and evaluating those pros and cons have led us to sticking with Debert this year, so that we can be better prepared for a big year in 2024 when the country celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

We will miss having the CF Snowbirds at this year's Air Show, but we understand their challenges and the need to get to all ten provinces as efficiently as possible. We are thrilled that they will be in all four Atlantic provinces this year and are proud to support and participate in those appearances that we can. We will see our fans in all of the Snowbirds show sites in the Maritimes.

We look forward to revealing the theme and line-up for Air Show Atlantic 2023 in the New Year. Fans will be thrilled at the special aircraft we are pursuing and how we will make the BCATP history of Debert and our region come alive once again. (*hint*)

It is our aim to have a Show that visits the three Maritime provinces regularly. Since COVID nothing has been "regular" and we are very proud to have made it through the past few years.

The Air Show Atlantic Team looks forward to seeing you in Debert on August 26 & 27!

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We are very much looking forward to bringing back Air Show Atlantic in 2023 and beyond!

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