May 28, 2021 (Halifax, NS) - The Nova Scotia International Air Show Association (NSIASA) has cancelled its production of Air Show Atlantic for this year.

The Show was scheduled for August 28-29 in Debert, Nova Scotia. The team is heartbroken once again that we cannot create a safe, executable event within the time frame required.

There are elements that we must be certain of to go into production months in advance of the actual Show:

  • We lack the critical resources to secure the Aerobatic Safety Box. Specially trained teams with communications and security skills are not training this Summer.

  • We cannot be sure that we will be able to bring performers into the Atlantic Bubble. The Province cannot give us assurances of regulations, restrictions, or quarantine requirements to bring in our aerobatic flyers, our announcer or the Air Boss. To gain RCAF participation, the Show must be conducted by a certified air boss.

  • Finally, and most critically, we are not in a financial position to risk our resources on a show largely dependent on the gate revenues when it is also weather dependent

We want to be around to produce air shows for decades, not just this one. As a not-for-profit, we must err on the side of caution and live to fight another day.

It is especially tough to cancel on a day when the Provincial Government is launching its reopening plans as we emerge from the pandemic. Even with vaccines in arms and a sense of normal around the corner, we cannot make it work.

For a more detailed explanation of the decision process, we encourage you to listen to the Air Show Atlantic Podcast here.


The Air Show Atlantic Team looks forward to producing an Air Show again in 2022!

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